Public Safety

At the Veridus Group, we believe that your facility, staff, clients, and guests should be as safe as possible. Our team will implement Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design strategies, review Emergency Action Plans, and provide training to help you and your staff be prepared for critical incidents.

Our team can review your existing building or new construction plans and incorporate Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design strategies to keep your building, guests, clients and staff members safe. Everything from landscape design to lighting will be reviewed and recommendations will be made for improvements.

Safety and security measures in buildings and workspaces we occupy are often overlooked for the sake of comfort. When ignored, this complacency can have long lasting consequences. Our expert team will take a deep dive into your existing safety and security measures and bring you detailed recommendations for your facility. Our reports focus on four areas, including Buildings and Grounds, Safety Equipment, Emergency Action Plans, and Security Systems.

When was the last time you or your staff reviewed your Emergency Action Plans? Do your current plans reflect best practices and updated thinking? How often should you train on your EAP’s? The Veridus team of experts will review your existing EAP’s and work to make certain they are current and reflect best practices. If no current EAP’s exist, our team will create them and set up training for your staff. Our team will work with project leaders and staff members to make sure all areas of concern get addressed. Veridus can return yearly to update EAP’s based on any new trends, equipment, or court rulings.

How do you prepare your employees for a worst-case scenario like a Violent Critical Incident (VCI)? Veridus is now offering realistic VCI training so your team can be mentally and physically prepared when the worst happens. People do not rise to the occasion – they revert to their training. Why not give your staff the ability to think about what their reaction should be when something terrible happens? This training can be catered to classroom only or classroom and scenario-based training. Our instructors will lead training to make it safe and informative for your staff. The Veridus team can also provide STOP THE BLEED training. The number one cause of preventable death, after injury, is bleeding. A certified instructor can prepare your staff in the event of a life-threatening injury. Hands on training will be provided to certify your employees in this course.

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