Building Forensics and Consulting

With over 20 years of experience, our Building Forensics and Consulting team is here to help provide input and guidance to owners and prospective owners of the buildings they are taking on. We help identify root causes of structural failures and identify potential issues before they become failures. We also are here to provide input for insurance claims in the case that there are damages.

Provide a framework for management of the design and construction processes to facilitate successful performance of the building enclosure. Includes: construction document review, construction monitoring, and performance testing of building enclosure to evaluate resistance to water and air infiltration.

We work to help from the initial site investigation to writing and filing claims.

If structures fail, we identify causes, offer solutions and help you develop a budget for maintenance, repair and replacement.

Our experts provide critical information about the condition of the building, its systems and surrounding property to help prospective buyers understand conditions.

Serve as an expert in civil and architecture to review, report and comment on complex cases.

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