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Veridus Group, Inc.

Veridus Group, Inc. specializes in representing clients through capital construction projects by providing services such as Owner’s Technical Representation, Community and Economic Development, Building Forensics and Consulting, Civil / Site Engineering, and Government Advisory and Innovation. We become a valuable member of your team by putting our technical knowledge and decades of experience at your disposal.



To solve unique challenges while building relationships and leveraging our unparalleled experience and knowledge.


To develop healthy, vibrant, and active individuals and communities who collaborate to create a better world.


We hold our teammates to a standard of excellence. We live out our mission with zeal and take responsibility for our actions.

We prioritize relationships with our teammates, clients, and partners which foster trust, confidence, and loyalty.


We are proactive in our approach. Everything we do for our teammates, clients, and partners must hold value, reason, and purpose.

We tackle any challenge that comes our way with creative, nontraditional thinking and unique solutions.

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Our History

Started in 2011 by Tim Jensen, Veridus Group, Inc. is a multi-faceted firm built around project implementation. Based in Indianapolis with offices in Evansville, Grand Rapids, and Lansing, Veridus works with public and private users. Our mixed team of professionals from the construction, engineering, economic development, government services, and real estate industries are partners in implementation.

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The Veridus Team

We build our team with a strategic focus on culture and drive. We want our professionals to be able to come alongside your team and be a trusted part of your processes to help you get things done. Our team of professionals come from a diverse background of experiences. Meet the team!

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Join Us

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  • Owner's Technical Representation
  • Community & Economic Development
  • Building Forensics and Consulting
  • Civil / Site Engineering
  • Government Advisory and Innovation

Owner's Technical Representation

Our Owner’s Technical Representation services have been strategically designed to blend into the existing project team. We believe an Owner’s Technical Representative acts as an extension of the client and acts on behalf of them in their best interest. It is important to us that we fully understand your passion for your projects. We specialize in representing our clients in the negotiation, management, and execution of intricate and complex vertical projects. We become a valuable member of your team by placing our technical knowledge and decades of experience at your disposal.

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Community & Economic Development

Our Community and Economic Development team works on a broad array of economic development projects. We serve as a trusted voice for governments and help add capacity and expertise where needed. We equip cities, towns, and organizations with the relevant data to empower the decision-making process in their communities. Having worked at a high level in Indianapolis and around the state of Indiana, we can help your municipality leverage its unique amenities, manage its growth, and align with national trends and best practices in economic development.

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Building Forensics and Consulting

Our Building Forensics and Consulting team provides input and guidance to owners and prospective owners on the building(s) they are acquiring. We help identify root causes of structural failures in addition to identifying potential issues before they become failures. In the case that there are damages, we will offer you input for insurance claims.

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Civil / Site Engineering

Our Civil / Site Engineering team approaches projects with over four decades of combined experience in civil engineering design related to land development and engineering site design. We provide a range of services from feasibility/due diligence studies, site selection, and conception design to land planning, detailed design, construction documents, permitting, and construction administration. We partner with our clients to offer the appropriate solution for the specific project in a vast array of market sectors, including education, commercial, healthcare, industrial, municipal, and residential.

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Government Advisory and Innovation

Community is at the center of everything we do. The Veridus team is committed to improving the quality of life in communities by leading redevelopment efforts and providing transparent government services that promote the growth of local leaders and communities.

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