We specialize in representing our clients in negotiation, management, and execution of intricate and complex vertical projects. We become a valuable member of your team by putting our technical knowledge and decades of experience at your disposal. 

Our Owner’s Representation services have been strategically designed to blend into the existing project team. Our experience representing project owners is varied across the different industries from education, entertainment, hospitality, industrial, healthcare, municipal, institutional and more. We have represented project owners in various capacities in over $1B of construction costs and over 3MM square feet of building space.
Every project is unique and requires us to adjust and adapt to understand the owner’s needs and way of doing business.

Owner’s Technical Representation: Provide technical expertise and experience to clients in their construction or development projects, acting as an agent of the client in the field to keep projects on track and on budget.  

Capital Program Management: Managing a client’s project from idea to occupancy. Typically, a client with multiple facilities (or a campus).

Construction Process & Delivery Management: Monitor the execution of construction and suggest the best methods available to clients according to statutes, budget, and timeline.

Construction Consulting: Providing expertise in all areas of construction, from contract negotiations to constructability review.

Our Community and Economic Development team brings over three decades of experience working throughout Indiana. We work on a broad array of economic development projects, serving as a trusted voice for governments and helping to add capacity and expertise where needed. We equip cities, towns and organizations with the relevant data to empower the decision-making process in their communities. Having worked at a high level in Indianapolis and around the State, we can help municipalities leverage their unique amenities, manage growth, and align with national trends and best practices in economic development.  

Project Management: Adding expertise and capacity to your municipality’s staff to deliver projects from concepts to occupancy. We help manage any number of municipal projects from infrastructure projects like fiber and technology to needs assessments and more.

Incentives & Financing: Understanding the types of incentives available, and identifying the incentives that will work for your community, and helping you get creative to fund your development projects.

Strategizing and Planning: Leading municipalities, private and nonprofit entities in creating a vision for their future. Pulling complex planning processes together to ensure project success. Fire response studies, corridor planning, feasibility studies and more.

Redevelopment Planning & Implementation: Leading partners in their efforts to reimagine properties within their communities. From desired uses to RFP development, we are here to assist with acquisition, disposition, and redevelopment of real estate property.

Development Representation: Using our background in real estate, development and construction, Veridus staff represents cities and towns in discussions and negotiations with developers interested in working within their community. Depending on the project, this can include reviewing pro forma and other financial documents, working with bond counsel and municipal finance advisors.

Agency Efficiency & Technology Services: More and more, today’s constituents expect government to be responsive and available. Are you getting the most out of your online offerings? What processes can you improve to make your services more flexible and efficient?

Post-COVID Resiliency: Governments are facing an uncertain future right now. We are here to help you understand what support is available to you and how to position your community to best accept and utilize any funding that may come.

With over 20 years of experience, our Building Forensics team is here to help provide input and guidance to owners and prospective owners of the buildings they are taking on. We help identify root causes of structural failures and identify potential issues before they become failures. We also are here to provide input for insurance claims in the case that there are damages.

Building Enclosure Commissioning: Provide a framework for management of the design and construction processes to facilitate successful performance of the building enclosure. Includes: construction document review, construction monitoring, and performance testing of building enclosure to evaluate resistance to water and air infiltration.  

Investigative Services: We work to help from the initial site investigation to writing and filing claims.

Forensic Engineering: If structures fail, we identify causes, offer solutions and help you develop a budget for maintenance, repair and replacement.

Property Condition Assessment: Our experts provide critical information about the condition of the building, its systems and surrounding property to help prospective buyers understand conditions.

Expert Witness: Serve as an expert in civil and architecture to review, report and comment on complex cases.

The Veridus Group’s Civil Engineering group offers over four decades of experience and a wide diversity of licensure and disciplines. The Veridus Civil group is primarily a civil design group with a heavy emphasis on site development, hydrology and hydraulics. Our diversity of licensure, disciplines and experience in Civil Engineering, Architectural, Mechanical (MEP), Building Forensics, Landscape Architectural, and Facilities Management provides a broad level of expertise to project development. With development, design, construction and facility management experience under one roof, Veridus is unmatched in our market.

Site Planning / Engineering – Grading and Drainage – Utility Design

Erosion Control Design- Permitting / Approvals

At the Veridus Group, we believe that your facility should stand the test of time based on designed useful life. Our team will implement Facilities Management best practices that will ensure your built environment is maintained through strategic facility profiling, assessment, and care plans.

Facility Profiling: The Veridus team will complete a site tour in conjunction with the owner to profile and assess the property to determine the appropriate level of service required for the facility. Once the full scope of service has been determined, our team will provide recommendations for the next steps towards management and care of the facility.

Facility Condition Assessment: Within the Facility Condition Assessment service, the Veridus team will establish and provide documentation of each building system and how it relates to the physical equipment that is present in the facility and their current condition.

Facility Care Plan: The Veridus team will provide recommendations towards a Facility Care Plan based on the profile or assessment which includes three options: Basic, Monitoring & Administration, or Full-Service

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