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The Veridus Group knows how important housing and growth are to communities across the country. Housing is the most personal and maybe the most important part of the community and economic development ecosystem. Our team works with communities to help them understand their growth and constraints. We utilize qualitative and quantitative data to help communities make informed decisions on their growth. Having updated information on housing not only allows communities to make the right decisions for their growth, it also is important in qualifying for grants and other funding opportunities for broader initiatives.


Housing Study Outcomes
  • Understand growth trends, project future growth to help community plan for infrastructure and other needs
  • Qualify for additional funding through grants and other opportunities.
  • Identify key nodes within the community to develop or expand housing opportunities.
  • Define the community’s role in attainable and workforce housing development and product.
  • Understand population demographics, housing product types, and identify what is appropriate for the community and the market.


Our team of economic development experts will use qualitative and quantitative data to help communities understand their housing growth and future needs.

Mt. Comfort Corridor

The Coalition for Smart Growth represents a number of communities along the Mt Comfort Corridor including McCordsville, Cumberland, New Palestine, and unincorporated Hancock County. This area is seeing tremendous population growth and commercial investment, the Veridus Group led an initiative to help them manage and plan for that growth going forward. This process included a housing study, an economic impact study, a broad land use plan, and more. This initiative required building consensus among a large and diverse group of stakeholders. This work has ultimately identified a need for diverse residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments. The Veridus team created clear implementation next steps and led the plan through approvals at local and county levels.


Oftentimes a community has done a plan, but now needs assistance bringing that plan to reality. The Veridus Group brings decades of real estate development and redevelopment expertise to communities to help them take that next step and bring their plan to life.

Steuben County Economic Development Corporation

Steuben County hired the Veridus Group to lead them in the creation of a new economic development strategic plan. This process included significant stakeholder outreach, as well as synthesizing a number of existing data sets. As part of this process, the Veridus Group worked with the County Economic Development corporation to identify key nodes for development, plans to remove impediments to growth, and opportunities to incentivize appropriate housing opportunities throughout the county.


Having done a plan, and gone through the next steps of finding development partners and creating a development project, our team of construction experts and here to help protect a community’s investment, representing them throughout the construction process.


The Veridus Group has worked alongside the Town of Yorktown for a number of years helping them create a redevelopment vision around creating a place for the town to work, live, and play. Veridus partnered with the town to identify redevelopment parcels, find development partners, design and finance the Yorktown Civic Green. Veridus has stayed on as Owners Representation throughout the construction of the project and others, protecting the Town’s vision and interests all the way through the project.

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