The Steuben County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC) collaborated with Veridus to develop a comprehensive, county-wide economic development strategic plan in 2023. This plan, which will steer the county’s development efforts over the next five to ten years, is founded on extensive economic research and thorough stakeholder engagement. Veridus conducted a detailed analysis of economic development, housing, demographic, and socio-economic trends, and engaged over 200 stakeholders to inform the final strategies.

Stakeholder engagement, a crucial element of this initiative, garnered support from elected officials, community leaders, and businesses. Veridus employed a variety of methods, including interviews, focus groups, and a public meeting, to gatherstakeholder feedback. Additionally, a community survey was developed to collect further input on the county’s economic development initiatives.

The finalized plan provides a strategic framework for future development efforts and growth in Steuben County. The document articulates a five-year vision and serves as a blueprint for success, aiming to propel

Steuben County into a thriving future. The plan outlines a carefully constructed roadmap designed to stimulate business growth, enhance the quality of life, attract and retain talent, increase population, and foster collaborative partnerships across Steuben County and the Northeast Indiana region.

Sustainability is a core principle of this strategic plan, with growth tactics recognizing the importance of preserving the county’s natural assets, which are essential for long-term prosperity. The most significant challenge facing Steuben County’s future success is the potential decline in population. This plan addresses this issue with targeted strategies to ensure the county’s continued vitality.


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Posted on

May 28, 2024

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